Movie Review: All balled into one


dragon-ball-evolution-movie-reviewReview by Joaquin Mariano, 10
La Salle Zobel

Watching the movie Dragonball Evolution was a welcome respite from the rigors of basketball training in La Salle Zobel, which started a couple of weeks ago, a mere three days after my last final exams. I was so excited to see it because Dragonball happens to be my favorite game in PSP. So, I know its principal character Goku and his signature move, kamehameha and of course, his nemesis the evil man Lord Piccolo.

To those who don’t know him yet, Goku is an 18-year-old high school student considered to be an outcast in his school. He often deals with bullies. Great thing, he is an extremely talented Martial Arts fighter because of the training that he got from his grandpa. It was only on his birthday that he found out that he has to save earth from the evil hands of Lord Piccolo. He and his friends need to get dragonballs to stop him.  (Read More)


Movie Reviews: Dog Tales

Review by Colleen Anne Chua, 10

Assumption College- Makati


bhchihuahua_01Most of my friends have pet dogs.  I am not allowed to have one because of my allergies. The closest I can to having one is playing with a stuffed toy. So you could just imagine how excited I was to attend the premiere of Walt Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua!
The story revolved around a very cute Chihuahua, Chloe, who’s every inch the fashionista. Her owner pampers her to death. Chloe has monthly haircuts and grooming sessions at the most expensive pet salons in Beverly Hills and matching clothes. Think Gucci or Prada!. Circumstances, however, forced this lady to leave her precious dog with her niece, who had no idea about pet care. That’s when Chloe’s peacefully posh world turned upside down.

Lost in Mexico, Chloe met some very interesting characters like a street-smart German Shepherd, a sly rat, a nervous iguana, and a lot more.  Chloe’s suitor “Papi” went all the way from Beverly Hills to Mexico just to save her. Because Chloe wore a very expensive diamond-studded necklace, an “El Diablo” (devil) dog was sent by his master to go after her. Can Papi reach her before El Diablo finds her?

Although this is a funny movie, there are lots of life lessons that we can learn from their adventure. The story makes us realize that there are a lot of things that we often take for granted, and we only learn of their value once we lose them. Also, the story shows how a friend can be there with you whatever the cost may be. It also talks about being true to your promises and keeping them. I realize in the story that some people who are not beautiful in the outside are the ones that are most beautiful inside. 

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