Book Review: A for Amazing

matanglawinReview by Rufino D. Pamaran III , 7
St. Helena School
Photos By Rudy Liwanag

Do you know the TV show Matanglawin? It’s a nature and adventure show hosted by Kuya Kim, who also gives the weather news. Matanglawin now has three books and they are packed with amazing and awesome stories about what you can find in the Philippines. I liked the books very much. It has lots of pictures. They are however in Filipino, so I had to ask my mama to explain some words to me.

The first book I read was Deadliest Animals in the Philippines. This book is so cool because it gives facts about some animals that you should run away from when you see them. The ones that I am most afraid of are snakes, just like Indiana Jones. The book featured two of the deadliest ones– the King Cobra and the Sea Snake. My mama on the other hand says she is scared of the crocodile the most.

But she and the book say that these creatures are part of nature and that they should not be killed because they also have their purpose.  There is one part in the book where Kuya Kim said that you can rarely find tutubi or dragonflies here in Manila anymore. Well, there are a lot of dragonflies here in my village. That means I am lucky because I still see them. (Read More)