Game Review: Worm of Wisdom

word-wisdomReview by GABRIEL JOSHUA M. FLORESCA, 13
South Crest School of Muntinlupa

I like playing computer games and they are not always about fighting and battles. Our mom encourages my brothers and I to play educational games. One of the computer games I really enjoy playing is Bookworm.

Bookworm is a good word game where you form words by connecting tiles. You go up to higher levels every time you finish a set and earn the required points of the lower levels. There is a worm on the left side of the board and he gives players a bonus word to find. When you form the first bonus word, you get a thousand points and the word will be replaced by a new one. The points get higher every time you find new bonus words.

The game is made more exciting by different kinds of tiles. Normal tiles look like those we have in our Scrabble board game. There are also green, gold and blue crystal tiles that correspond to higher points when you use them to form words. They appear when you make long words. Then there are those burning tiles that you should look out for when you keep forming short words. (Read More)