Do the Poxtrot

do-the-pox-rotReview by Gene Daniel M. Floresca, 10
South Crest School of Muntinlupa

Last month, one of my classmates attended class after she had the chicken pox. One week later, I had a fever and wasn’t able to go to school. After two days, small red blisters began appearing on my tummy and back. My body began to itch and I felt pain on the sides of my jaw and under my ears. Mom said they might be caused by swelling of the lymph nodes which happens when people are sick and need to fight off infection.

I didn’t go to school for one whole week and three days because I might infect my other classmates. I was disappointed that I missed out performing in our field demo because of the chicken pox.

It was boring to stay home and I basically have nothing much to do. Good thing mom brought home a book called “Yakk, Bulutong Tubig! (Yuck, Chicken Pox!)” by Dr. Luis Gatmaitan. The story was written in both Filipino and English so not only Filipino kids will be able to understand it. This book was about a little girl named Jaycee who got chicken pox from her cousin Franz. She also had to stay home for many days like me. None of her friends and classmates visited her because they were afraid to get sick too.

Even after her illness, Jaycee did not go out of the house because she has lots of spots on her face and arms. She was ashamed of how she looks. Finally, her cousin Franz came to visit and they enjoyed counting each other’s spots. They also read a lot of books together which helped them pass the time. (Read More)

Book Review: A for Amazing

matanglawinReview by Rufino D. Pamaran III , 7
St. Helena School
Photos By Rudy Liwanag

Do you know the TV show Matanglawin? It’s a nature and adventure show hosted by Kuya Kim, who also gives the weather news. Matanglawin now has three books and they are packed with amazing and awesome stories about what you can find in the Philippines. I liked the books very much. It has lots of pictures. They are however in Filipino, so I had to ask my mama to explain some words to me.

The first book I read was Deadliest Animals in the Philippines. This book is so cool because it gives facts about some animals that you should run away from when you see them. The ones that I am most afraid of are snakes, just like Indiana Jones. The book featured two of the deadliest ones– the King Cobra and the Sea Snake. My mama on the other hand says she is scared of the crocodile the most.

But she and the book say that these creatures are part of nature and that they should not be killed because they also have their purpose.  There is one part in the book where Kuya Kim said that you can rarely find tutubi or dragonflies here in Manila anymore. Well, there are a lot of dragonflies here in my village. That means I am lucky because I still see them. (Read More)

The Ninja Inside


In school, we discussed about the influences we got from the Japanese that helped shape Filipino culture. “Tomo, I was an Eighth Grade Ninja” helped me a lot in understanding some stuff I never knew about. The book has very clear descriptions and the words are easily understood. Because there are cool pictures to help you imagine what is going on, it’s not a boring read!

I actually read the first book in the comic series. It tells the story of an orphan girl, Hana, who left Japan and moved to California to live with her grandfather and his strange little pet named Tomo. Hanna would spend many hours in his grandfather’s martial arts studio, practicing the martial arts skills she learned in Japan. 

While in school, she encountered the usual problems new students go through like being discriminated by fellow classmates because she is Asian. She was also betrayed by her only friend, Britanny, who wasn’t brave enough to defend her. But one day, her world turned strange when creatures from the Ninja world crossed over to the planet Earth to retrieve a mystical sword from her grandfather’s house! Hana must then protect her grandfather and Tomo and prevent the sword from going to the wrong hands.

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Book Review: 39 clues

the-39-cluesWords by Benjamin Gan, 11

PWU-Jasms QC



When their beloved grandmother Grace died in Book 1, orphans Amy and Dan Cahill discovered that they belong to one of the most powerful and influential families in the world. Name anyone famous in world history, and they were a Cahill one way or another. In her will, Grace left the first of 39 clues to those who rose to the challenge. It would lead to a treasure that would make the winner the most powerful Cahill in the clan. Everyone tried to get rid of Amy and Dan because they think Grace gave them inside information. The brother-sister team did escape from fires, concussive bombs, booby-trapped pits and almost everything else you can to find out what kind of Cahill you are (Ekaterina? Janus? Lucian? Tomas?) and create your own account using the codes on the cards (which also have clues) in the book. (Read More)

Clues without Blues

funpage-feb-14-31Review by Colleen Anne Chua, 10

Assumption College- Makati

I was never really a bookworm, but when I started reading 39 Clues “The Maze of Bones” (first book in a series), I got addicted. Every time I would start on a new chapter, I became so engrossed I couldn’t get myself to take a break.

The adventure starts during the funeral of Amy and Dan’s grandmother. Most of the Cahill family members just went there for their share of the inheritance (money). However, it was not as simple as they thought it was. They were made to choose between walking away with a million dollars (I can buy tons of clothes with that amount of money and still have so much more left!) and getting a clue to start a very dangerous race in unraveling the source of the family’s power. Amy and Dan chose the latter. The problem was: there are 39 clues hidden around the world!

While looking for these clues, they encountered dangerous traps set up by their other relatives who were part of the race. With Nellie, their au pair, they traveled to France where they discovered that Benjamin Franklin (who proved that lightning is electricity, and invented the lightning rod to protect houses and buildings from lightning damage) was a relative and was responsible for hiding the second clue. 

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