Scene Stealers

Posted On August 14, 2010

Filed under fun reads

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Review by Gladys Renee B. Calubiran, 11, Holy Spirit School

Running away isn’t always a good idea for children when dealing with problems on their parents, relatives or guardians. Well, that is what the brothers, Prosper and Bo, do when their aunt and uncle force them to separate paths.

They ended up in Venice, Italy and joined a group of bandits with their leader named “Thief Lord.” Together they journey through hidden corners and tackle their greatest fears to survive in the alleyways of the floating city.

One day, the pack discovers a deep secret that the Thief Lord keeps to himself. But days before that they received a document that might forever change their lives.

Will they balance out the truth that will endanger their relationship with the Lord and get the delivery done? The climax won’t bring you down and surely they’ll get things right later on.

Cornelia Funke, the author expressed her feelings about children wanting to be an adult in this book. The Lord who is shockingly just a thirteen year old, pretends he is an adult and makes up stories to convince people that he is older than them all. Soon he rediscovers his life and soon finds a way to make things better. One of her characters experienced this, but the other way around – an adult to an innocent child.

I like the story’s ‘ingredients’ or plot because once you think you’ve got the ending predicted or solved, Cornelia Funke just turns things around and gives you a different ending. The story strongly relies on the reader’s arising interest but still keeps book lovers wanting more.

Reading this book convinced me that children, no matter how big or small, can be very special and important in their own way.


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