Feat for the ‘little’ people

Posted On August 7, 2010

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Text by Julius P. Vicente

The famous showdown of David and Goliath is one of the greatest stories ever depicted in the bible and maybe, one of the greatest stories ever told. David, after all, was the hero of the “little” people, who in his “smallness” managed to defeat the big and mighty Goliath with only a slingshot. His triumph proves that nothing is “too big” if you have faith in God and a little cunning. No wonder, it is still being told until today.

Putting a more modern take on the biblical story, students of Grace Christian College (GCC) staged a rendition of David and Goliath as part of their 60th founding anniversary celebration, dubbed David and the big “G.”

This inspirational musical play is not a typical “robe and sandal” reenactment but a story of a bully and a hero, set in a school. The story was about a group of students, the “Isreelites,” who were being bullied by another group, the “Filisteens.” The bully, Goliath, a member of the Filisteens, challenged the Isreelites to a one-on-one fight. If Goliath loses, the Filisteens would agree to stop intimidating the Isreelites.

Dismayed and terrified by the challenge, no one would dare fight against the big Goliath until David volunteers. Armed only with a slingshot, his faith gave him courage to face up to Goliath and his big baseball bat and did what seems to be the impossible: defeating him.

The scene where David took a stone and shot it onto Goliath’s head was suspenseful and that part when Goliath cried for his mother was just priceless.

More than 155 Gracean students acted onstage. Jaime Del Mundo, who co-wrote the Philippine onstage version of the The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe was the artistic director while Darleen Hernandez Yu served as the musical director. Alan Choa took care of the choreography. The Manila Philharmonic Orchestra played the musical operetta.

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