Dancing to Dora

Posted On July 24, 2010

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Words by Rufino D. Pamaran III, 9, St. Helena School

When I was in preschool, I watched Dora every day. That is because I only had to go to school for a few hours, and I could catch the show before I left for class. Now that I am in Grade 4, I have to stay in school longer, so I don’t get to watch Nick Jr. anymore. My baby brother has DVDs though, and I get to see my favorite Spanish-speaking character from time to time. It may sound a little weird, but even though I am a bit grown up, I still like watching Dora. And I guess it is like a habit, but when Dora asks questions, I still answer out loud to help her in her adventures!

I like watching Dora’s show because of several reasons. The first reason is that her adventures are interesting, like looking for hidden treasures, or helping friends. My favorite episodes are when she and her cousin Diego are together because I like watching Diego too. I also like that I get to learn a lot of Spanish words from the show. We all do! For example when my mama wants me to hurry up when we are walking at the grocery store, she says “Vamanos!” and “Rapido” and I know what it means. It is so funny when my brothers try to open our gate and they sing “empujen” when they are trying to open our gate. Because of Dora the Explorer, some Spanish words have become part of the way we talk, which is really kind of cool and different.

It is also cool that this kind of show makes kids imagine that they are really helping her out, because she asks questions or asks you to catch the stars so she can put them in her star pocket. And Map is very useful too, because you have a plan where you are going to go. I think that is my secret to never getting lost. I learned from the Map to just picture where I came from or where I am going to so I always know where I should go. The songs are also very catchy and they really stick to your brain, like the one where the Dora and her cousin Daisy danced the mambo. (See! I still remember that!)

These are the reasons I was excited to watch the Dora show live years ago, where she had a pirate adventure with all her friends. I was also excited when she had another event more recently at the Bonifacio High Street called Explorers Wanted! There were many games and activities, but I was a bit shy to join because I felt like I was too big. I really wanted to jump in, but the smaller kids might wonder what the heck I was doing. My brothers came along and they enjoyed it a lot, especially because they knew all the characters and stuff. The games were mostly for younger kids, like folding airplanes and going up to a pirate ship with really tall pirates on board.

Then, Dora came out to greet all her fans, and she was just swarmed all over by tiny kids and even their excited parents and yayas, who are all taking pictures! As usual, my brothers got scared, so we weren’t able to go too near. But the enthusiasm of the audience was really contagious and it made me very happy to see all those kids who love Dora just about as much as my brothers and I do. They screamed their lungs out when they saw their idol. Some even came in Dora costume, complete with backpacks and all!

So, I might be a bit more grown up now, but I still like watching Nick Jr. shows. And I think that I will still like them for a very long time. On that note, I also want to say that I am very happy that I still get to watch another Nick Jr. favorite show, “Yo Gabba Gabba,” because they have it on TV5 in the afternoon.


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