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STONG and TOFI, May 30, 2009

Posted On May 29, 2009

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Amazing Grace, May 30, 2009

Posted On May 29, 2009

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Queen of the wall

queen-of-the-wallBy ANDREA G. POSADAS, 7
Holy Spirit School

I spend most of my late afternoons playing outdoors. I swim, ride my bike and scooter, or hang out with friends by the pool area, at the park, or in the other open spaces of the condo complex where I live.

But one day, for a change, my dad brought me to this big sports center near our home.  It’s called Centro Atletico and it has many badminton courts and colorful walls. My dad wanted me to try rock climbing.

I love challenges, so I was really excited to do some indoor climbing. The first time we visited Centro Atletico, I thought the high yellow and gray climbing walls were cool!  And I wanted to try them at once. I touched a few of the hard, rock-like bumps on one wall. They had different colors and my mom said they are called grips or holds. I knew that climbers step and hold on to them to go up the wall. I also knew that the mats on the floor are there to protect climbers if they fall. I wondered how high I could go and if I could reach the top of the wall. My dad however said that I would have to wait for our next visit.
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Juice Crew Chronicles


OJ Girls are creative girls! Juice Crew members are busy working on earth-friendly slogans for future OJ shirts.

Assumption College

Juice Crew started in the summer of 2006. It was a project of well-known clothing store, Orange Juice, who saw it as a way for tweens and teens to develop their business sense and cultivate their social skills while having fun at the same time. Every year, it chooses 24 girls out of the many applicants. I was lucky to be part of the summer program two years ago.

The summer internship usually jumpstarts with its signature training day. On that exciting morning, there will be games, makeovers, contests, freebies, perks, and many prizes to be won.

I remembered our own training day. As nervous as we all were to be around strangers, we all overcame our fears through focus and perseverance. We eventually managed to shine using the creativity and originality expressed in our different personalities. Strangers became friends that day. Our fashion skills were honed, and we shared a whole lot of fun. Given the privilege to choose where to work among its branches, I chose to work in Rockwell for three days, five hours per day.

Like the rest of their adult crew, we were all given free reign in the store. (Read More)

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