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St.Paul Gymnastics

St.Paul Gymnastics

The Singapore American Community Action Committee (SACAC) will hold another Gymnastics competition on May 2 and 3 at the American School in Woodlands Campus, Singapore. As with previous years, the competition is popularly participated by athletes around Asia.


The Philippines was represented last year by five clubs and schools, with St Paul Pasig Gymnastics Team winning the the Level 1 Overall Champion by 10-year-old gymnast, Hannah Panglinan. On top of this, the rest of team came home with several other medals and trophies on both individual and team categories.




Answer key


By Bonn Erasmo







 Answer: 45


By Rod Cañalita





Answer: Yes. He is in the Top Ten of his class. When you calculate it, 20 percent of 50 is 10.



LB in the Jungle

By Dadudz


Hey kids! Do you notice that picture A and picture B are different?

There are 10 differences. Can you find them all? Happy hunting!


Creatures that Care

gnomesWords By Andrea G. Posadas, 7

Holy Spirit School



Before I saw this book, I did not know much about gnomes.  I only knew that they were tiny people like elves and trolls.  I was not sure if they were good or bad and if they were real.  I remembered the mean troll under the bridge who wanted to gobble up the goats in the story, “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”.  I thought he must be like a gnome. 

But after reading it  I found out that gnomes are different from trolls. According to the book’s authors Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet, gnomes are smaller, nicer, and a lot smarter than trolls.  These guys know because they observed gnomes for twenty years.   Gnomes are also cute, hard-working, and can live for a long time (up to 400 years).  But best of all, they love Nature that is why they are good and caring to plants and animals. 

The colorful pictures made it easy for me to imagine and appreciate gnomes.  And I was happy that there were lots of drawings throughout the book.  Some made me laugh like the pictures of the daddy gnome before and after bath time, and the gnomes playing bowling with dried, odorless rabbit droppings.  My favorite drawings are the ones that showed the gnomes with birds and rabbits.  I also like the pictures of gnomes at playtime because they remind me of fun times with my friends. (Read More)

Amazing Grace

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