Stong and Tofi

Posted On January 31, 2009

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Amazing Grace

Posted On January 31, 2009

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Love Phrases

Posted On January 31, 2009

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Love can mean a lot of things, especially when combined with other words. Add some love words in your vocabulary with the following words and phrases. Then find them from the group of letters at the right. Phrases can be spelt vertically, horizontally, diagonally or backwards. So keep those eyes open!
 Love handle – extra fats along the waistlinelove

Puppy love – infatuation, a not so deep love

Labor of love – work done out of love and enjoyment

Love song – a song whose lyrics is about love

Love bug – a small black fly with a red neck, often seen in highways

Lovebirds – a type of bird known for their affection for their mates

Love letter – a type of correspondence or letter that professes love or affection for someone

Tough love – a way to help someone by being tough or strict on them like what parents sometimes do to their children

Love seat – a small sofa that seats only two people

Love – in Tennis, this means a 0 (zero) score


Movie Reviews: Dog Tales

Review by Colleen Anne Chua, 10

Assumption College- Makati


bhchihuahua_01Most of my friends have pet dogs.  I am not allowed to have one because of my allergies. The closest I can to having one is playing with a stuffed toy. So you could just imagine how excited I was to attend the premiere of Walt Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua!
The story revolved around a very cute Chihuahua, Chloe, who’s every inch the fashionista. Her owner pampers her to death. Chloe has monthly haircuts and grooming sessions at the most expensive pet salons in Beverly Hills and matching clothes. Think Gucci or Prada!. Circumstances, however, forced this lady to leave her precious dog with her niece, who had no idea about pet care. That’s when Chloe’s peacefully posh world turned upside down.

Lost in Mexico, Chloe met some very interesting characters like a street-smart German Shepherd, a sly rat, a nervous iguana, and a lot more.  Chloe’s suitor “Papi” went all the way from Beverly Hills to Mexico just to save her. Because Chloe wore a very expensive diamond-studded necklace, an “El Diablo” (devil) dog was sent by his master to go after her. Can Papi reach her before El Diablo finds her?

Although this is a funny movie, there are lots of life lessons that we can learn from their adventure. The story makes us realize that there are a lot of things that we often take for granted, and we only learn of their value once we lose them. Also, the story shows how a friend can be there with you whatever the cost may be. It also talks about being true to your promises and keeping them. I realize in the story that some people who are not beautiful in the outside are the ones that are most beautiful inside. 

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Save the earth!

Posted On January 31, 2009

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Jeffery the Eaglet and his friends are doing their part in caring for the environment. Have you done yours?

 While you think of the ways you have helped save Mother Earth, have a bit of fun. Find the 10 differences in these two pictures!

 Answers on the next issue of Funpage.



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